IVRA Presentation Awards

IVRA Rhodes Presentation Awards for Best Oral and Poster Presentations

* Previous IVRA Rhodes Awards Recipients

Guidelines for The IVRA Rhodes Awards for Best Oral and Poster Presentations made by a Junior Colleague at an IVRA Meeting

The IVRA wishes to recognize the outstanding contributions made to the scientific program by its junior members. The awards are named in honor of the late Dr Harker Rhodes, Professor Emeritus of Radiology at the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and the first Editor of Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound. An award will be made for the best oral and poster presentations given by a trainee or junior colleague.

An award of US $200 for the best oral and poster presentations will be funded from monies held by the Treasurer of the IVRA.

The selection of the winners of the awards will be made by a Committee composed of the Vice-President and two Directors.

The selection criteria for the winners will be based upon:

  • the quality of the scientific abstract accepted for publication (10 marks),
  • the quality of presentation, including the clarity and standard of the images (10 marks), and
  • the scientific merit of the work, including its originality and contribution to new knowledge (10 marks).

A score out of 30 will be given by each Committee member for each candidate. For each candidate, the scores obtained from the three Committee members will be averaged and the candidates will be ranked. Should two or more candidates receive the same score, the Vice- President of the IVRA will be asked to provide an additional deciding score.