IVRA J. Kevin Kealy Award

Previous IVRA J. Kevin Kealy Award Recipients

a. The Award, established in 2003, is named in honour of Emeritus Professor J. Kevin Kealy, organizer of the first meeting of the IVRA, the first President, and an Honorary Member of the Association.

b. At an IVRA meeting, the Award will be presented to a Member of the Association who has made substantial published scientific contributions to Veterinary Radiology.

c. A Committee, composed of a maximum of five Members of the Association, shall be appointed and chaired by the President of the Association. The Committee shall call for nominations for the Award.

d. A candidate nominated for the Award shall be proposed and seconded by a Member of the Association, and a copy of the candidate’s curriculum vitae, together with any other requested information, shall be forwarded to the President of the Association.

e. The Committee shall consider the nominations and shall make a recommendation to the Board of Directors of the Association, who will approve a single nomination for the Award.

The Award shall be in the form of a testamur and a medal or plaque, not to exceed a value of US$500.00.