Important Diplomate Notice

  • ACVR Diplomates are required to register and attend at least one annual meeting every three years. Please check your account on the website for past meeting attendance.
  • ACVR Diplomates must register for the General Meeting to get credit for attendance under the ACVR's 3-year ACVR meeting attendance rule. One-Day RECAP registration does not count.
  • Participation by an ACVR Diplomate at an ACVR Annual Scientific Meeting as a Sponsor/Exhibitor or Sponsor/Exhibitor Representative does NOT satisfy the ACVR Constitutional requirement (Article V, Section 2b3) of registering for and attending an ACVR Annual Meeting at least once every 3 years. ACVR Diplomates must register for the meeting as a Diplomate to meet this attendance requirement.
  • Also, any ACVR Diplomate who registers, but does not pick up a badge at the registration desk is considered a no-show.