Alternative Radiology Residency Programs

Individuals not completing an ACVR Standard Radiology Residency Training Program may qualify to take the Radiology Board Certification Examination by completing an equivalent Alternative Radiology Residency Training Program sponsored by an ACVR Diplomate. The Alternative Training Program must meet requirements equivalent to those outlined in the ACVR Radiology Residency Training Program Essentials, the Board Certification Examination Eligibility Requirements, and the ACVR Constitution.

ACVR does not warrant that successful completion of an ACVR Alternative Radiology Residency Training Program will lead to passage of the ACVR Radiology (Written & Oral) Board Certification Examination and/or achievement of ACVR Diplomate status.

The Alternative Training Program MUST be submitted by the sponsoring Diplomate and approved in advance by the ACVR Radiology Residency Standards and Evaluation Committee (RSEC) and the ACVR Executive Council for an individual to be eligible to take the Radiology Board Certification Examination.

The Alternative Radiology Residency Program should be approved before the beginning of training. The application for the Alternative Radiology ResidencyTraining Program should be submitted to the Residency Standards & Evaluation Committee (RSEC) Chair by August 1st by the sponsoring Diplomate.

If approved by the RSEC, the ACVR Executive Council will review the application for final approval. According to the ACVR Constitution, the Program MUST be submitted to Executive Council for approval by September 1 of the year, 2 years in advance of anticipated examination. For more information, please contact the Chair of the RSEC.