LADIS Case of the Month - October 2019

Submitted by: Dr. Elodie Huguet, DVM, Dr. Erin Porter, DVM, DACVR, University of Florida.

History and Clinical Findings

  • 1 year old thoroughbred colt
  • Originally evaluated by its primary care veterinarian (record not available).  
  • Referred to the Large Animal Surgery Service for a CT of the carpi.  
  • Limited pre-anesthetic evaluation: Normal physical examination and bloodwork.
  • No lameness seen at a walk when observed ambulating around the stall.

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SLIDE 3 VIDEOS - CT of the left and right carpi Bone and Soft Tissue Algorithms- Transverse



SLIDE 4 VIDEOS - Bone algorithm- Sagittal



SLIDE 5 VIDEOS - Bone algorithm- Dorsal



SLIDE 6 VIDEOS - Soft tissue algorithm- Sagittal



SLIDE 7 VIDEOS - Soft tissue algorithm- Dorsal