LADIS Case of the Month - August 2019

Submitted by: Amy Norvall DVM DACVR, Derek Cissell VMD PhD DACVR, Mary Beth Whitcomb DVM MBA ECVDI (LA-Associate), University of California-Davis.

Signalment & History:

  • 26 year old Arabian gelding
  • Presented for ventral thoracic edema and right sided swelling
  • rDVM auscultated decreased to absent lung sounds on the right and noted a large plaque of ventral edema extending from the pectorals to the sheath
  • Concern for possible kick injury

Physical Exam Findings:

  • CV - Regular rhythm. Strong mandibular pulse. Good jugular refill. 3/6 systolic murmur auscultated on the left side with PMI over the mitral valve. No arrhythmia auscultated
  • RESP - Eupneic. Soft bronchovesicular sounds auscultated in all lung fields at rest on the left side. Bronchovesicular sounds present but decreased dorsally on the right side and absent in the cranioventral thorax on the right. No adventitious lung sounds auscultated
  • Swelling and edema on the right side

Part 1: Unknown (PDF)
Part 2: Answer (PDF) (See ultrasound videos below)