LADIS Case of the Month - May 2019

Submitted by: Drs. Courtney Bohart, DVM and Meghann Lustgarten, DVM, DACVR, DACVSMR

Signalment & History

  • 12 year old Oldenburg mare
  • Intended as a hunter
  • Owner reported bucking under saddle and bracing in her back

Examination- January 2019

  • Pain on palpation of mid thoracic vertebrae and SI region
  • Mild 3/5 LF lameness on lunge in both directions
  • Under saddle, moderate 2/5 lameness on LH (tracking to the left)
  • Flexions: Mild positive on LF lower limb flexion, and moderately positive to LH and RH upper limb flexion

Prepurchase radiographs- July 2018

  • Moderate to severe osteoarthropathy of distal tarsal joints, bilaterally
  • Long toe, low heel LF and RF

Part 1: Unknown - Download the first PDF below.
Part 2: Complete case with answer - Download second PDF below.