LADIS Case of the Month - January 2019

Submitted by: Ashley Yanchik, VMD 2nd year radiology resident, Texas A&M University

Signalment and History:

  • 13-year-old Quarab gelding
  • Two week history of lethargy and abnormal demeanor
  • Physical and neurologic examinations normal on initial presentation
  • The morning following presentation
    • Obtunded
    • Head pressing and circling
    • Single generalized seizure

MRI of the head performed, including the following sequences:

  • T2 trans
  • T2 FS sag
  • T2 dorsal
  • T2* trans
  • T2 FLAIR
  • RAGE trans
  • RAGE sag
  • RAGE dorsal
  • RAGE FS +C trans
  • RAGE FS +C sag
  • RAGE FS +C dor

Part 1: Unknown - Download PDF  DICOM: View Case | Download

Part 2: Complete case with answer: Download PDF

Special thanks to VetRocket, LLC for providing the DICOM web viewer.