LADIS Case of the Month - February 2016

Submitted by: Jodie Daglish BVSc MRCVS, Myra Barrett DVM MS DipACVR, Erin Contino DVM MS DipACVSMR, Colorado State University

Signalment and History:

  • 7yo Percheron Gelding used as part of a wagon driving team.
  • Bilateral frontlimb distal inter-phalangeal joint injections performed by rDVM 10 days prior to presentation.
  • RF injection site discharged serous fluid for 3 days post injection.
  • Developed an acute onset 4/5 graded lameness RF 5 days post joint injection.
  • Treated with oral TMZs & phenylbutazone without improvement for 5 days.

Part 1: Download the first PDF below.
Part 2: Complete case with answers - Download the second PDF below.