Important Changes - Preliminary & Certifying Exams


Note: This message pertains to Radiology residents only; not for Radiation Oncology residents

Hello all,

As the new ACVR Exam Committee Chair, I wanted to pass along some new and important information regarding the ACVR Preliminary and Certifying Exam. I realize that not all of you will be taking the exam in 2017, but the new format will be important to everyone.

The 2017 ACVR Preliminary Exam (Radiology)  will be administered at an available testing center rather than at the central site at the Embassy Suites in Chicago. To find a testing center near you, please visit the PSI/AMP website at:

The Preliminary Exam Content Outline (objectives), as well as the ACVR Preliminary Exam Study Guide and Resources and some sample questions, are posted on the ACVR  website, in the Examination section. This new format (using testing centers) will be used for future ACVR Preliminary exams.

In 2017, the ACVR Certifying Exam will also take on a slightly different format. Because of the very large number of potential candidates for the exam, a few changes have become necessary.

  • There will be 6 sections (CT and MRI will now be separate sections), each lasting 60 minutes (reduced from the previous 90 minute section).

- Thorax
- Abdomen
- Musculoskeletal
- Ultrasound
- CT

  • Candidates will stay with a single examiner for the entire 60 minute section; candidates will no longer have a 45 minute session with one examiner, and then a second 45 minute session with a second examiner
  • Thorax, Abdomen, Musculoskeletal, and Ultrasound sections will have approximately 8 cases each (compared to the previous 12)
  • CT and MRI  will have 6-7 cases each
  • Nuclear medicine and special procedures will continue to be incorporated into the above sections as appropriate.

After 2017, the ACVR Certifying Exam may also be administered at local testing centers rather than the central Chicago location. These plans will be finalized during the coming year.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Marti Larson, Chair,  2017 Radiology Examination Committee