Congratulations New 2018 ACVR Diplomates!


Congratulations to our 25 new 2018 ACVR Radiology and 6 new Radiation Oncology Diplomates who recently passed their respective board certification examinations in early September!


Dr. Janina Bartels – University of Tennessee
Dr. Rebecca Baumruck – Louisiana State University
Dr. Christopher Brouwer – University of Georgia
Dr. Bronwen Childs - University of Georgia
Dr. Katelyn Cordle – North Carolina State University
Dr. Maureen Coutu – Washington State University
Dr. Aditya Dave – University of Minnesota
Dr. Julie De Lasalle – University of Montreal
Dr. Amalie DiMiceli - University of Minnesota
Dr. Emily Elser – University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Erin Epperly – Cornell University
Dr. Jennifer Fowler – Oregon State University
Dr. John French – Colorado State University
Dr. Caroline Fulkerson – Purdue University
Dr. Kristin Holland – The Ohio State University
Dr. Yu-Hung Hsieh - The Ohio State University
Dr. Lukas Kawalilak – Colorado State University
Dr. Amy Norvall – University of California, Davis
Dr. Ian Porter – Cornell University
Dr. Luis Rivas – North Carolina State University
Dr. Lauren Russell – Texas A&M University
Dr. Heather Spain – Tufts Univesity
Dr. Mathew Stewart – Louisiana State University
Dr. Katherine Tucker-Mohl – Kansas State University
Dr. Eric van Eerde – Iowa State University


Dr. Benoit Clerc-Renaud – Colorado State University
Dr. Joe Jacovino – Animal Medical Center
Dr. Leanne Magestro – North Carolina State University
Dr. Keiko Murakami – Purdue University
Dr. Jenny Schutte – University of Missouri
Dr. Alena Soukup – University of Zurich