2018 ACVR/IVRA Scientific Meeting Awards - Fort Worth, TX.


2018 Resident-Author Award

  • Dr. Keiko Murakami, Purdue University - "Interobserver reliability of computed tomographic contouring of canine tonsils in radiation therapy treatment planning."

2018 Outstanding Podium & Poster Presentations

  • Dr. Mylene Auger, University of Tennessee, "Evaluation of the effects of sedative drugs on the sonographic and radiographic appearance of the spleen in healthy cats" (ACVR Podium Presentation)
  • Dr. Jody Lawver, North Carolina State University,  "Effectiveness of a standardized thoracocentesis technique using computed tomographic volumetric analysis in dogs with pleural effusion". (ACVR Poster Presentation)
  • Dr. Katherine Sweet, North Carolina State University, "Stereotactic radiation therapy for multilobular tumor of bone in 8 dogs". (ACVR-RO Podium Presentation)
  • Dr. Jason Fuerst, The Ohio State University, "Computed tomography of gallbladder sludge and gallbladder mucoceles in dogs" (VetMeet CT Presentation Award).
  • Dr. Alexandra Scharf, Texas A&M University, "Magnetic resonance imaging of gadolinium-labelled mesenchymal stem cells in a large animal model of tendon injury" (VetMeet MRI Presentation Award).

ACVR Distinguished Service Award

  • Dr. Tom Nyland, Webmaster/Secretary, in appreciation of his altruistic service, dedication, commitment, and passion for the American College of Veterinary Radiology,