2017 ACVR Scientific Meeting Awards - Phoenix, AZ.


2017 Resident-Author Award

  • Dr. Amanda E. Masciarelli, Texas A&M University - "Evaluation of magnetic resonance imaging for the differentiation of inflammatory, neoplastic, and vascular intradural spinal cord diseases in the dog".

2017 Outstanding Podium & Poster Presentations

  • Dr. Christine Gremillion, North Carolona State University (Podium Presentation) - "Radiographic And Clinical Characterization Of Colonic Torsion In Dogs".
  • Dr. Kimberly Cronin, Michigan State University (Podium Presentation) - "Strain Sonoelastography In Feline Chronic Renal Disease.".
  • Dr. Celina Morimoto, University of Saskatchewan (Podium Presentation) - "Interfractional Variation In Canine Head Position Using On-Line Correction Based On CBCT, MV Or KV Radiographs".
  • Dr. Luis Rivas, North Carolina State University (Poster Presentation) - "Differentiation Of Canine Liver Lobe Fissures In Computed Tomographic Peritoneography Using Positive And Negative Contrast Medium".
  • Dr. Janina Bartels, University of Tennessee (Poster Presentation) - "Effect Of Gadolinium Contrast Medium Adminstration On T2*-Weighted Gradient Recalled Echo Imaging Of The Canine Brain".