2017 ACVR Resident Research Grant Award Recipients


Congratulations! The following Residents were awarded 2017 ACVR Resident Research Awards for their proposed research:

  • Dr. Mylene Auger - University of Tennessee: “Evaluation of the effects of sedative drugs on the sonographic and radiographic appearance of the spleen in healthy cats.” Mentor: Dr. Constance Fazio. Grant was funded by the ACVR.
  • Dr. Wade Won - Mississippi State University: “Correlation of meniscal injury to joint space width on standing lateral radiographs and standard tibial plateau leveling osteotomy radiographic projections of the canine stifle.” Mentor: Dr. Erin Brinkman. Grant was funded by the ACVR.
  • Dr. Melanie Moore - University of Missouri: “Oxygenation and volume response of spontaneous canine sarcomas treated with Thermofield 250A electromagnetic hyperthermia and radiation therapy.” Mentor: Dr. Charles Maitz. Grant was funded by the ACVR CT/MRI Society.
  • Dr. Sarah Pemberton - Purdue University: “Ultrasonographic morphology of the gastrointestinal tract of healthy horses: in vivo, ex vivo and histological comparison.” Mentor: Dr. Hock Gan Heng. Grant was funded by the ACVR Veterinary Ultrasound Society.