Veterinary Imaging or Radiation Oncology Technologist

How do I become a veterinary imaging technologist?

How do I become a veterinary radiation oncology technologist?

  • Most veterinary radiation oncology technologists first become registered veterinary technologists as described above.
  • To obtain further training as veterinary radiation oncology technologist, you must work at a facility that specializes in veterinary radiation oncology (radiation therapy) under the direct supervision of an American College of Veterinary Radiology (ACVR) board-certified radiation oncologist. You should consult with the radiation oncology techs at a School of Veterinary Medicine in your state to help you with the requirements and to locate a facility.
  • Facilities that employ veterinary radiation oncology technologists include those that have Veterinary Radiation Oncology Residency Training Programs since this is where veterinarians are trained to become ACVR board-certified radiation oncologists. There are also a number of private veterinary radiation oncology practices that train radiation oncologists and employ radiation oncology technologists as well.