Radiology Examination Eligibility

Standards for Admission to Membership Education, Training and/or Experience

To be eligible for examination and certification as a Diplomate in Veterinary Radiology, candidates must have training supervised by two ACVR Diplomates in a program that meets the guidelines established by the Executive Council of the American College of Veterinary Radiology. Generally speaking, most candidates entering a three-year residency training program have had prior clinical experience as an intern or in private practice. Upon completion of a residency training program that meets established guidelines, the candidate should be qualified to apply for the certification examination. The candidate is required to:

  • Have satisfactory moral and ethical standing in the profession.
  • Be a graduate of a School or College of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Have qualified at some time to practice veterinary medicine by successfully completing any State Board examination or their equivalent.
  • Have satisfactorily completed an organized advanced program in Veterinary Radiology, as specified by the Executive Council of the ACVR:

(a) Have supervised residency training in a program that meets the guidelines established by Executive Council for a minimum of 36 months, or

(b) Submit documentation and details of an alternative training program that is judged by the Executive Council to be comparable to the requirements listed in paragraph (a) above.

Note: Ideally, Alternative Training Programs should be approved by the ACVR Residency Standards and Evaluation Committee before training begins; however, to be eligible to take the examination, the program MUST be approved by the Residency Standards and Evaluation Committee and submitted to Executive Council no later than Sept. 1st of the year, two years in advance of anticipated examination.

* Submit to Executive Council a detailed application indicating his/her qualifications including evidence of professional experience and competence.

* Submit a letter of reference on personal and professional competence from his/her sponsor. If the candidate's application is approved, the candidate must then successfully pass the separate preliminary (written) and certifying (oral) examination administered by the Examination Committee of the ACVR.