Journal Editor's Spring 2014 Update

Date: 5/3/14

The 2014 list of VRU Editorial Board members with their represented organizations and credentials has been updated, added to the Journal’s masthead and posted on the Wiley homepage ( We are very fortunate to have these exemplary scholars on the VRU Editorial Board.

If Diplomates would prefer not to receive the printed version of the Journal, they can now email Tom Nyland, ACVR Webmaster using the Contact Us email form and he will make the necessary arrangements. A link has been also added to the Wiley VRU homepage for Diplomates to submit this request. Wiley has also added a new “Anywhere article” feature for VRU that will allow Diplomates to select an enhanced HTML version of each article. The display for this version of the article will automatically adjust to the size of the viewer’s reading device so articles will be easier to read on smartphones, iPads, tablets, etc. This feature is available for articles beginning with the Jan 2004 issue (volume 45, issue 1).

If VRU affiliate organizations would like to publish their scientific meeting abstracts in the Journal, all abstracts should be formatted using the same criteria as those described in the ACVR Meeting Call for Abstracts. We recommend that a checkbox be included in the Call For Abstracts document where abstract authors can indicate their agreement to have their abstract published in VRU with the understanding that the Editorial team will only correct spelling and grammar errors. Peer review and full copy-editing will not be performed. We also recommend that the organization’s Program Committee pre-screen the abstracts and ask authors to correct any formatting and content errors/omissions at the time of submission. Accepted abstracts should be assembled into a single word document and arranged in the same order as that used in the meeting Proceedings. The single word document containing all of the abstracts should be emailed to Ms. Ayres as soon as the abstracts have been finalized for publication in the proceedings for the meeting. She will upload the document into the ScholarOne system and assign it to Dr. Jones. Dr. Jones will work directly with the Wiley Production Editor to prepare and finalize the Abstracts proof for publication in the next available VRU issue.

We have recently added a reference to the STROBE checklist into our Author Guidelines. Residents and Diplomates are encouraged to refer to the following resources for more information on criteria that are increasingly being used by veterinary medical journal editors and peer reviewers for evaluating manuscripts.

Wiley publishers now allow authors publishing in our Journal the option of depositing the accepted version of their article in personal, subject, or institutional repositories 12 months after online publication, regardless of funding source or institution.

The revised policy has the following advantages:

  • It increases clarity for authors, and eliminates the need to request an exception in cases where mandates and journal policy are not aligned;
  • It supports authors in achieving compliance with mandates, and allows for the fact that authors frequently change institutions;
  • Green Open Access, facilitated via self-archiving in institutional or subject repositories, is sustainable with an appropriate embargo period, and we believe that our policy safeguards the subscription base of the journals we publish.

The terms of the new policy, which is in effect as of 1 January 2014, are as follows:

  • Authors may self-archive the peer-reviewed (but not final) version of their paper on their own personal website, in their company/institutional repository or archive, and in not for profit subject-based repositories. Any self-archiving must be done after the relevant embargo period by the author, or by their institutional librarian.
  • Self-archived papers should link to Wiley’s standard terms of use for self-archived articles and not use any form of Creative Commons license.
  • The deposited version must link to the final article on Wiley Online Library. It should not be updated or replaced by the final article.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeryl Jones, VRU Editor-in-Chief
Lucinda Ayres, VRU Managing Editor
Meredith Duey, Wiley-Blackwell Managing Editor