Teleradiology and Resolution & DICOM Guidelines

The ACVR is in the process of making recommendations concerning digital radiography and imaging for the veterinary profession (see menu to the right). It is difficult to set standards in an area where there is much variability among vendors and there are few topics where there is a definitive best method or choice regarding imaging. The ACVR Digital Imaging Standards Committee (DISC) considered a broad outline of standards and recommendations that could be used to advise the veterinary profession. See right sidebar menu for more information.

ACVR Ultrasound Position Statement

Diagnostic ultrasound is considered the imaging modality of choice for many conditions in veterinary medicine. However, the ability to accurately identify and interpret abnormalities is highly dependent on the training and skill of the individual performing the study. The ACVR Ultrasound Position Statement (see menu to the right) outlines the recommended training and expertise required to perform ultrasound examinations. See right sidebar menu for more information.

ACVR Position Statement on Radiation Safety

The ACVR supports sustained and conscientious attention to safe practices regarding veterinary radiologic imaging and therapy as they relate to personnel, patient, and equipment. Exposure to radiation should always be As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) while maximizing the quality of the procedure. See right sidebar menu for more information.