How is the ACVR website organized?

The menubar at the top of the page allows you to navigate to major sections of the website. The sidebar menus are used to navigate within sections and subsections. The Site Map will help you find the right section or subsection.

How do I find documents that I need to download?

After login, documents for download can be found in their respective sections (Examination, Residency Programs, etc). General downloads are located in the 'Downloads' section. Also see the link to the SiteMap in the footer of each page to view the site's contents. Finally, you can use the 'Search' feature at the top of every page. If you are still unable find something, contact the Webmaster using the Contact Us email form.

How do I access Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound?

Login and select 'Journal' from the left sidebar menu of the Members section under 'Education' to go to the Journal's home page on our website. Click the red 'Members Only Access' button and you will be taken to the Journal on Wiley's site with full-text access.

How do I resolve Journal online access or mail subscription problems?

See the Journal Subscription Problems page.

How do I join an ACVR Society or renew membership?

See Join an ACVR Society to find out how to join one or more ACVR Societies or renew membership. The ACVR currently sponsors the Society of Veterinary Nuclear Medicine (SVNM), CT/MRI Society, Veterinary Ultrasound Society (VUS), and the Large Animal Diagnostic Imaging Society (LADIS).

How do I purchase a Job Listing or Mailing Labels?

See Advertising Options.

Additional Questions?

Contact Us using the Email Contact Form.