ACVR Examination

The American College of Veterinary Radiology administers two separate Board Certification Examinations in September of each year:

  • Radiology - Separate Preliminary (Written) and Certifying (Oral) Examinations.
  • Radiation Oncology - Single All-Inclusive Written Certifying Examination.

These examinations are designed to:

  • Protect the public against incompetence in the practice of radiology and radiation oncology by conducting examinations to determine the competence of voluntary candidates for certificates issued by the College.
  • Confer certification upon candidates who have successfully demonstrated their proficiency in the field of veterinary radiology or radiation oncology.

An ACVR Diplomate (Radiologist or Radiation Oncologist) is veterinarian who has received advanced training in radiology and/or radiation oncology and has passed the American College of Veterinary Radiology Board Certification Examination in one or both specialties.