ACVR DICOM Server Instructions

Instructions for Viewing Cases on the ACVR DICOM Server.

Free DICOM Software:

    • Mac: OsiriX
    • PC: K-PACS

General Instructions for Configuration of your DICOM Client Software:

You should configure your software to 'listen' on port 4006, which is a commonly assigned port for DICOM communications.

The ACVR's server must be added as a remote device in your DICOM software using the following information:

* AE Title: ACVR (Note: Must be all caps to work)
* IP Address:
* Port: 11112
* Description: ACVR Server (doesn't really matter).

The ACVR server will support C-MOVE, C-GET, and WADO retrieval. Use C-GET if your software permits it. Also, if you have the option to use JPEG2000 compression for image retrieval, it will speed up your image transfers significantly.

If you are using WADO (which is great for mobile device access), use the information above in addition to the following:

WADO path: wado
WADO port: 8080

Configuring your local network:

You will need to open a TCP port in your router's firewall and/or your PC's firewall for port 4006.

If you are using a router (which is likely if you have a DSL, Fios, or cable modem for internet service), you will need to configure the router to pass traffic for your listening port (4006) to the computer on which you are running your DICOM software. Every router is different; your ISP should be able to help you make this configuration change on your system.

CT/MRI Society Members

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