2008 Radiology Exam - Abdomen Case 1

"Waffle" -- 2 views of the abdomen

  • 4 year old Cornish Rex castrated male
  • vomiting hourly x 12 hours

See images below. Click to enlarge.

Radiographic findings:

  • small intestinal plication and bunching from level of duodenum to colon
  • linear soft tissue structures surrounded by air in ascending colon
  • good serosal detail
  • soft tissue medial to spleen, lateral to left kidney on VD view is most likely pancreas

Radiographic Diagnosis:

  • small intestinal linear foreign body
  • good serosal detail makes perforation less likely
  • probably normal pancreas


  • Surgery
  • US ok, to confirm FB and evaluate for free fluid, pancreatitis
  • minus a point if barium Upper GI recommended, since the cat is vomiting profusely -- he will probably vomit up the contrast medium, putting the cat at risk for aspiration. Also, barium should be avoided if perforation is possible or surgery is likely.

Candidate Performance:
All candidates listed foreign body as a differential, but some mentioned IBD and neoplasia. Some recommended UGI.