SVNM - Case 1

Presented to you by the ACVR Society of Veterinary Nuclear Medicine

This case submitted by Federica Morandi, DVM, MS, University of Tennessee

  • Signalment: ‘Daisy'; a 5 year old female spayed Yorkshire Terrier
  • History: pre- and post-prandial bile acid elevation noted at the referring veterinarian during blood work performed before a routine dental; no clinical signs.

Files available for review:

  • Movies which depict the initial 37 seconds of data of a dynamic acquisition (‘MovieBW’ and ‘MovieHI’); available both in black and white and hot iron color schemes.
  • a summated view of the entire dynamic acquisition (3 minutes of data, ‘summBW’)
  • a static view acquired 5 minutes after radiopharmaceutical injection (‘StaticBW’)
  • a time activity curve (TAC_SF)

Look at the images and answer the following questions:
1. What scintigraphy study was performed?
2. What is the radiopharmaceutical used and its mechanism of localization?
3. What is the acquisition protocol?
4. What are the scintigraphic findings?
5. What is the scintigraphic diagnosis (or differential list)?

Answers: Download the attachment below for answers.