2003 Image Interpretation Session - Case 9

Name: “#830 –OSU Dairy Herd”
Breed: Holstein
Gender: Female
Age: 4 years old

History: #830 presented with a 3-day history of depression and reduced milk production (from 40 lbs to 26 lbs). She calved 8 days prior to presentation.

Physical examination findings included:

  • Temperature = 104.7oF
  • Pulse = 100
  • Respiratory rate = 56/min, shallow
  • Hydration – ~10% dehydrated
  • Weight = 12.8 kg
  • Her right hind foot was swollen and a large interdigital abscess was noted. Upon direct palpation of the rumen (via a rumen canula), pain was elicited on manipulation of the reticulum. An irregularly margined mass was palpable along the medial wall of the reticulum at rumenotomy. Radiographs were taken following rumenotomy.

Imaging Study: Caudal thoracic/cranial abdominal radiographs