2003 Image Interpretation Session - Case 5

Name: “Poinsetta”
Breed: Domestic Long hair
Gender: Female-spay
Age: 8 years old

History: Poinsetta presents with a 4-day history of collapse and right-sided paresis. She had an acute onset of staggering, movement in tight circles, left front lameness, vocalization and panting. Poinsetta was taken to a local emergency veterinary clinic where her condition remained unchanged. She also has a 4-year history of recurrent chronic nasal discharge. Poinsetta is an indoor cat only and is current on all her vaccinations (including FeLV). She is the only cat in the household. Poinsetta was referred to the OSU VTH for a neurological work-up. Multifocal CNS disease was diagnosed.

Physical examination findings included:

  • 3/6 sternal systolic murmur.
  • Temperature = 100.5oF
  • Pulse = 230
  • Respiratory rate = 40/min
  • Hydration – slightly decreased
  • Weight = 3.2 kg

The following laboratory value abnormalities were identified:
CBC: mature neutrophilia (total leukocytes: 30.3 x 109/l [range: 4.0-14.5] of which 96% were segmented neutrophils), and decreased platelets (98.2 x 109/l [range: 150-600]).
Serum profile: increased ALT (116 iu/l [range: 20-95]), increased AST (465 iu/l [range: 10-35]), and severely increased creatine kinase (11,879 iu/l [range: 70-550]).
Poinsetta was FeLV/FIV negative.
Urinalysis was within normal limits.

Thoracic radiographs were requested prior to further workup of multifocal CNS disease.

Imaging Study: Thoracic radiographs