2004 Image Interpretation Session - Case 6

Signalment: "Pablo", German Shepherd, MC, 11 years

History: Chronic history of caudal cervical intervertebral disc disease (see previous myelogram) with previous ventral slot procedure at C6-7 to remove extruded disc material. Currently having seizures.

Physical/Neuro Exam: Mild caudal cervical neck pain during extension. Cranial nerve exam revealed NSF.

Clinical Pathology
  Test Value Ref Units
Chemistry Panel Alk Phos 341 (5-131) IU/L
  T4 0.8 (1-4) uG/dl
CBC NSF      

Available Studies:

  • Cervical Myelogram (referral films dated 02-26-91)
  • MRI Brain (dated 06-01-95)
  • Myelogram (dated 06-05-95)