2004 Image Interpretation Session - Case 3

Signalment: "Cinnamon", Persian, FS, 9 years

History: Occasional vomiting of hair balls. 1 month history of "head tremor" (Stevie Wonder type movements). Right nictitating membrane is protruding. On subcutaneous fluids for chronic renal disease.

Physical/Neurologic Exam: Non to minimally ambulatory, right lateralizing tetraparesis (can stand and take a couple of steps with assistance, then falls to right). Knuckles on right front, some proprioceptive deficits all four limbs. Cranial nerves normal. Appropriate mentation. Referring veterinarian placed Quigley on 10mg prednisone, once a day.

Clinical Pathology Test Value Ref Units
Chemistry panel BUN 5 (6-25) mg/dl
  Creat 4.2 (.5-1.5) mg/dl
  Calcium 11.9 (8.9-11.4) mg/dl
CBC WBC 19.6 (4-15.5) x1000/ul
  Hct 31 (36-60) %

Available Studies: MRI of Brain