PetRays Veterinary Teleradiology Consultants

Date Posted: 
July 11, 2014 - October 09, 2014

Contact Person:  Anne Bahr at or call directly at 803-810-3613.

PetRays is looking for full time or part time Veterinary Radiologists to join our team to support our rapidly expanding Teleradiology service.   PetRays is a radiologist owned teleradiology service that is expanding our team with collegial and skilled radiologists. 

PetRays Radiologists enjoy:

  • Extremely Competitive Compensation.  Any amount of FTE (full or part time available) – We are flexible and understand your scheduling needs.  Any amount of commitment is available including variable scheduling depending upon the week, month or time of the year!  Standard benefits (insurance, 401K, CE allowance, paid vacation etc) with full time employment is available (16- 6 hour shifts per month). Set scheduling or variable scheduling month to month depending upon your needs is available.
  • Web based image viewing/reporting system promotes ease of use from any location with high speed internet access
  • 24/7/365 administrative and technical support from our award winning operations center to facilitate job performance.
  • Large team of radiologists allows for collegiality and support.  Instant access to colleagues for input and support via internal messaging system.  Puts your colleagues in your office for support, consultations and comraderie.

Job Requirements:

  • Diplomate status
  • US License
  • High speed Internet access

Do you want to be able to work in the teleradiology industry without having to worry about how to transmit the images, how to generate the reports, how to bill your clients, or how to collect monies owed to you from your clients that don’t want to pay you?  Do you want to work without being on call or doing emergency duty?  Do you want to have a highly efficient job that allows you to spend more time making money and less time commuting, driving around to clients or doing tasks that do not give you economic compensation? Do you want to spend more time with your family or pursuing your extracurricular interests? PetRays is right for you!

Come join us and create an emotionally and financially satisfying full time career in teleradiology or just supplement your current income.  All levels of commitment are available. Excellent compensation provided.

If interested in this tremendous opportunity, please contact Dr. Anne Bahr DVM, MS, DACVR at or 803-810-3613.