Oncura Partners Diagnostics, LLC - Veterinary Radiologist

Date Posted: 
October 09, 2015 - January 07, 2016

Oncura Partners Diagnostics, LLC - Veterinary Radiologist

Oncura Partners Diagnostics, LLC (Austin, Texas).   We are the NEW BREED in veterinary medicine.   We are an Integrated Disease Management platform that has Telemedicine as a key component.   Our focus is “Improving Patient Outcomes at the general practice levels”.   We accomplish this by working with numerous specialists whom share a similar passion to reach the thousands of underserved patients, where proper information provides a better outcome.    We are looking for board certified veterinary radiologists to be involved with the ongoing growth and development of our Tele-Radiology Disease Management Platform.    Our company provides the only Remote Real-Time ultrasound platform available today (in veterinary or human medicine). We now train to specific controlled ultrasound protocols to acquire images, leaving interpretation to our specialists.  We also manage, Radiographs, CT’s, MRI’s, Cytopathology and other specialist consultations to complete our partnership with general practices.

We focus on growing the use of ultrasound in every partner hospital that acquires our platform.  This is a unique opportunity to grow an aspect of this industry that has never been available until today.  Our platform is transforming how this industry has managed ultrasound for the last 30+ years.   Currently, we have 13 hrs. of RACE training and continue to build out this REMOTE platform training, that is also ground breaking in the veterinary industry.

The ability to drive all forms of telemedicine revenues within our platform is dramatic and growing.

Please review a demonstration of our ultrasound platform here:  www.oncurapartners.com

Below are our desired requirements for this unique individual:


  • Board certified by the American College of Veterinary Radiologists (ACVR) or Dip ECVDI
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) or equivalent preferred
  • Must be licensed to practice veterinary medicine in respective state

Job Responsibilities:

  • Working with our internal team of Sonographers to provide CQI in all aspects of Remote real time ultrasound protocols.
  • Interpretations of Radiographs and Ultrasounds.
  • Continuing the CE platform established and ongoing development of new CE applications.


  • Preferably 2 to 3 years of Radiology (including telemedicine) experience – but not necessary.
  • Understanding of the challenges of the busy veterinary hospital is a plus.

Abilities that are Key to success:

  • Communication skills – focused to the clinical and non-clinical aspects of Telemedicine consults
  • Organizational skills
  • Self- Motivated work ethic
  • Ability to provide CE presentations
  • Ability to work in a rapidly growing and changing environment – problem solving
  • Good understanding of DiCOM and PACs systems.

We provide a Flex-Time Schedule option for parents, and those whom desire to maintain some clinical work.

We know you do not want to spend ALL your time in front of a computer screen. 

If you JUST want to read Radiographs that is OK!

We are a dynamic and fast growing Disease Management Company.   We are constantly improving our offering to the general practitioner.  We EDUCATE and INTERPRET to improve Patient Outcomes every day.  

If this NEW and exciting approach to the world of Veterinary Radiology and Ultrasound is of interest to you, please contact Brian Huber, DVM, ABVP, President Oncura Partners LLC, at 866-233-9100 or bhuber@oncurapartners.com.