Tracheal and Urethral Stenting Workshop

October 20, 2014


Sponsored by Infiniti Medical
Monday October 20, 2014
Veterinary Specialty Services & Emergency Center
1021 Howard George Drive, Manchester, MO

This workshop will be held the day before the ACVR Forum. The workshop will focus on the state of the art techniques for stenting the trachea and urethra. The indications for stenting, stent selection and the clinical management of cases will be discussed in an interactive lecture format.  The wet lab component will allow participants to develop and hone the technical skills necessary to perform these procedures in their individual practices. At the conclusion of the workshop, enrollees should be able to place both types of stents, understand the indications for stent placement and be familiar with the post operative management of these cases.

Registration will be available through Infiniti Medical.   
phone: 650-327-5000
email:  [email protected]

The cost will be $850.00 per person. The Veterinary Specialty Services and Emergency Center is located approximately 20 minutes from the conference hotel. The reduced hotel room rate at the conference hotel will apply to those individuals arriving early for this workshop.

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