Equine Scintigraphy Workshop - Purdue University

March 01, 2013 - March 02, 2013

Equine Nuclear Scintigraphy Workshop
Purdue University
A workshop on equine nuclear scintigraphy will be held at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907, March 1-2, 2013. This two-day program will focus on the use of scintigraphy for the equine musculoskeletal system. The approach will be clinically oriented and case-based material will be used to illustrate interpretive principles. However, all aspects of nuclear imaging, including, radiopharmaceutical preparation and administration, use of gamma camera and imaging software, and quality control will be covered. The format will include lecture, small group discussion and laboratory demonstrations. Course material is geared to the equine clinician as well as imaging technicians. 
Program and Workshop Information: EquineScintigraphy.pdf
Meeting Registration: www.conf.purdue.edu/equine

Disclaimer: This event is not sponsored by or affiliated with ACVR.
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