2010 Image Interpretation Session - Case 7

History: Chronic history of having blood in the urine for about 2 months that has responded somewhat to antibiotics, but returned sometime thereafter. The pet had lost some weight, but had recently gained some of it back. In addition, was hospitalized for about 1 week and the pet had an episode that was presumed to be heart failure. The pet recovered from it and is on no cardiac meds currently.

Clinical Findings: MM pink and moist, crt <2 sec. II/VI systolic murmur ausculted over left sternal border. Palpably thickened urinary bladder. Mildly poor body condition (4/9) with some muscle wasting and a right sided thyroid nodule (approx 5mm).

Images Provided:
Lateral radiograph of the abdomen (VD not available)
4 US images of the urinary bladder
1 US image of the right medial iliac lymphnode
1 US image of the spleen