2009 Image Interpretation Session - Case 4

Signalment: 4 month old, M (I), German Shepard, “Max”

History: Patient presented on 6/30/09 for sudden onset of swelling of the left stifle, depression, lethargy and anorexia. The left stifle was very hot and swollen on palpation. Max is not on any type of heartworm preventative or endo/ectoparasite control. He is due for routine vaccinations. No current medications.

Other Information: BCS: 2.5/5, T: 100.6, P: 128 bpm, RR: 20 bpm, CRT <2 seconds. The patient has a generalized flea and tick infestation.

CBC abnormalities:

1. decreased hematocrit-18.84% (37-55%)
2. decreased PCV-20% (37-55%)
3. hemoglobinemia-5.5mg/dL (12-18mg/dL)
4. erythropenia-3.03X10^12/I (5.5-8.5/I)
5. decreased MCV-62fI (60-77fI)
6. decreased MCH-18.2pg (19.5-24.5pg)
7. decreased MCHC-29.3mg/dL (31-34mg/dL)
8. reticulocytosis (%)-2.1% (0-1.5%)
9. reticulocytosis (abs)-63.63X10^3/ul (0-60/ul)
10. increased TNCC-25.5X10^9/L (6-17/l)
11. neutrophilia (segs)-20.4X10^3/ul (3-11.4/ul)
12. neutrophilia (bands)-0.5X10^3/ul (0-0.3/ul)
13. thrombocytopenia-111X10^9/l (200-500/l)
14. decreased plasma protein-5.2mg/dL (6-7.5 mg/dL)

Study Provided: Two radiographs were obtained -- VD pelvis and LLAT extremity.