2005 Image Interpretation Session - Case 4

Signalment: 1 year old, MN, Australian shepherd

History: Obtained the dog at two months of age, at that time the patient had nasal discharge which has increased in severity. Patient is recently coughing. Patient has been treated with several courses of antibiotics including Clavamox, Dicural, Amoxicillin and erythromycin; the nasal discharge has not been responsive to the therapeutic trials.

Physical exam: T:103.5, P:130, R:90, sneezing, coughing, loud inspiratory and expiratory noise during lung auscultation, increased respiratory effort

Laboratory data: WBC: 43.4 x 103/uL (4.1-13.3), Neut: 24.74 x 103/uL (2.1-11.2), Bands: 4.77 x 103/uL (0-.13), Lymph: 9.98 x 103/uL (.78-3.36), Mono: 4.34 x 103/uL (0-1.2), chemistry panel within normal limits for a puppy

Available studies: Radiographs of the thorax