2003 Image Interpretation Session - Case 8

Name: “Sam”
Breed: Mixed breed
Gender: Male-castrate
Age: 9 months old

History: Sam presented with a two-month history of progressive lethargy and mild weight loss despite a relatively normal appetite. The referring veterinarian diagnosed him with a fever two weeks ago. The source of the fever was not determined and Sam’s condition did not improve following a two-week course of Cephalexin therapy. The owner first noticed a change in Sam’s activity after moving to Ohio from Alabama.

Physical examination findings included:

  • Temperature = 103.8oF
  • Pulse = 140
  • Respiratory rate = 36/min
  • Hydration – mildly dehydrated
  • Weight = 15 kg
  • Stiff gait and apparent pain on rising from a recumbent position.
  • Generalized muscle atrophy.

The following laboratory value abnormalities were identified:
CBC: mature neutrophilia (total leukocytes: 27.8 x 109/l [range: 4.1-15.2]) and normocytic, normochromic, nonregenerative anemia (Hct 33% [range: 36-54]).
Serum profile and urinalysis results unavailable.

Imaging Study: Radiographic limb survey