2003 Image Interpretation Session - Case 6

Name: “Barron”
Breed: Shorthaired Dachshund
Gender: Male-castrate
Age: 11.5 years old

History: Barron presented with a one-week history of vomiting – initially food but now a yellow-brown fluid. He will no longer eat or drink. His last bowel movement was yesterday. His stool was black and watery. Barron had an episode of pancreatitis three months earlier that resolved. He is overweight and currently on a weight reduction diet (instituted after his bout of pancreatitis).

Physical examination findings included:

  • Temperature = 101.7oF
  • Pulse = 180
  • Respiratory rate = 42/min
  • Hydration – ~6% dehydrated
  • Weight = 12.8 kg

The following laboratory value abnormalities were identified:
CBC: neutrophilia (total leukocytes: 23.0 x 109/l [range: 4.1-15.2] of which 88% were segmented neutrophils and 6% were bands) and mild lymphopenia (0.5 x 109/l [range: 1.0-4.6]).
Serum profile: increased ALT (63 iu/l [range: 10-55]), decreased potassium (3.8 meq/l [range: 4.2-5.4]), and increased alk phos (2570 iu/l [range: 15-120]).
Urinalysis was within normal limits.

Imaging Studies:

  • Abdominal radiographs
  • Abdominal ultrasound (performed 3 days after radiographs)
  • Abdominal CT (performed 6 days after radiographs)