2003 Image Interpretation Session - Case 2

Name: “Duffy”
Breed: Great Pyrenees
Gender: Male-castrate
Age: 7.5 years old

History: Duffy had a one-day history of lethargy, weakness, vomiting and diarrhea and was taken to the referral veterinarian (RDVM). The RDVM diagnosed pleural effusion and suspected heart disease based on radiographs. Duffy was placed on digoxin, enalapril and furosemide. He was put on a rice and cottage cheese diet. Vomiting and diarrhea resolved however Duffy’s endurance and activity were still decreased. There was no history of dyspnea or cough. One week after initial presentation to the RDVM, Duffy was admitted to the OSU VTH for a cardiology work-up.

Physical examination findings were within normal limits and included:

  • Temperature = 102.3oF
  • Pulse = 74
  • Respiratory rate = panting
  • Hydration – normal
  • Weight = 57.3 kg
  • No murmurs or arrhythmias were ausculted.

Referral radiographs were not available and the thoracic study was repeated (enclosed). Echocardiography was performed and no evidence of cardiac disease was identified. Medications were discontinued. CBC, serum profile and urinalysis values were within normal reference range.

Imaging Studies:

  • Thoracic radiographs
  • CT thorax (performed 4 days after radiographs)