Recruitment/Retention of Veterinary Academic Radiologists & Collaborative Resident Training


Thanks to all who engaged in the recent online discussions regarding the problem of recruitment and retention of academic radiologists and the potential for more collaborative resident training programs between private practice and academia.

During the mid-year Council meeting an ad hoc committee, consisting of private practice radiologists and academic radiologists, was formed to address this persistent problem in our specialty. The committee proposed some ideas to increase the number of residents trained by collaboration of academic and private practice radiologists, to support academic radiologists and increase retention of those in academic positions, and to support programs which increase collaboration and research opportunities among private practice and academic radiologists. The committee will continue to develop these ideas over the next several months and share them with you in the newsletter.

The committee wants to hear from you. Are you interested in creating a quality collaborative resident training program? Have some thoughts on how to retain academic radiologists? Have data or support for a resident research project? Please contact the committee Co-Chairs: Tony Pease and Liz Watson with your interest or thoughts or continue to express your ideas on the Diplomates list serve. ACVR Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Training: Greg Daniel, Michele Fabiani, Silke Hecht, Rob McLear, Tony Pease (Co-Chair), Jean Reichle, Ian Robertson, and Liz Watson (Co-Chair).