Important January 31, 2012 Deadlines


ACVR Examinations - The deadline for application and fee payment for the 2012 ACVR Radiology Preliminary and Certifying Exams and the 2012 ACVR Radiation Oncology Certifying Exam is January 31, 2012. Applications can be obtained from the Members Only Downloads section and fees can be paid online using the Members Only Store.

ACVR Grants - The application deadline for 2012 Resident Research Grants is January 31, 2012. There are two ACVR Grants and one Veterinary Ultrasound Society Grant available this year. Applications can be obtained from the Members Only Awards section.

ACVR Residency Program Updates - The deadline for submission of the 2012 ACVR Radiology/Radiation Oncology Residency Program Director's annual update form or submission of 3-year re-accreditation documents to RSEC for those programs undergoing review in 2012, is January 31, 2012. Appropriate forms can be obtained in the Members Only Downloads section.