CT/MRI Society Update


by Dr. Silke Hecht, CT/MRI Society President

This note is intended to update everybody (members and non-members) on activities and future directions of the CT/MRI Society. We had a successful (business) meeting in Savannah. Thanks to Shannon Holmes, who led the society for the past 2 years and finished her term. Shannon did a fantastic job as president and yet again recruited an excellent society keynote speaker for this year's meeting (Dr. Diego Martin)! She leaves big shoes to fill... Allison Zwingenberger was elected as secretary/president-elect - Congratulations and welcome! I am thrilled to be working with you for the next 2 years!

The society currently has 418 members including all ACVR residents. Regular activities include a CT/MRI case of the month (organized and published by Allison Zwingenberger), sponsorship of a keynote speaker at the ACVR meeting, and funding of a resident research grant in alternating years. One topic brought up at the last 2 business meetings was the desire to increase our research involvement by either increasing the amount of current funding ($7,500) or by sponsoring a grant every year. Unfortunately, neither option is sustainable for more than a couple of years unless we increase our funds. This could be accomplished in different ways including increasing membership fees, increasing the number of society members, soliciting donations, and generating outside income. If you are an ACVR Diplomate but not a current CT/MRI Society member I would encourage you to join - This is $30 well spent! Regardless if you are a member or not - Please advertise the Society to anybody you think might be interested in seeing fun cross sectional imaging cases on a monthly basis (neurologists/neurology residents; surgeons/surgery residents; practitioners with access to CT and/or MRI etc.). If you have other ideas how to contribute to our funds (and in turn to CT/MRI research) please let me know!

My plan is to publish regular society updates in the newsletter in addition to e-mail updates sent to the membership - Please stay tuned. Take care and happy holidays. Sincerely, Silke Hecht