Congratulations New 2013 ACVR Diplomates!


Congratulations to our 36 new 2013 ACVR Radiology (29) and Radiation Oncology (7) Diplomates who recently passed their respective board certification examinations in early September!


Drs. Sean Adams (Colorado State University), Kristy Barksdale ( Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging & Cytopathology), Ann Bettencourt (VA-MD Regional College of Veterinary Medicine), Lawrence Brown (Auburn University), Fernando Castro (University of Pennsylvania), Kemba Clapp (University of Wisconsin), Eli Cohen (University of Georgia), Matthew Enroth (Colorado State University), Clint Feagin (Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists), Nicole Geyer (Tufts University), Ilva Grundmann (The Ohio State University), John Haller (Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists), Kevin Koernig (Auburn University), Chelsea Kunst (Michigan State University), Meghann Lustgarten (North Carolina State University), Alyce Marks (University of Tennessee), Alexis McMurray ( The Ohio State University), Rachel Moon (Kansas State University), Kathryn Phillips (North Carolina State University), Erin Porter (University of Florida), Jeffrey Ruth (Purdue University), Christopher Ryan (University of Pennsylvania), Kurt Selberg (Colorado State University), Miriam Shanaman (University of Illinois), Meg Sislak (Texas A & M University), Kenneth Waller III (Iowa State University), Jennifer White (Washington State University), Meghan Woodland (Atlantic Veterinary College), and Alexandra Young (University of California).


Drs. Katherine Hansen (University of California), Dustin Lewis (North Carolina State University), William Ratterree (Louisiana State University), Kim Selting (University of Misssouri), Tara Ehling (Southwest Veterinary Oncology), Elias Gumpel (Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists), and Lyndsay Kubicek (University of Wisconsin).