Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine Using 3D Technology in Complicated Surgeries

Dr. Adrien-Maxence Hespel

By Janet L. McCoy

Auburn, Alabama - The latest in printing technology is going to the dogs, cats and other animals -- literally. The Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine is among the first veterinary programs in the U.S. using three-dimensional printing and models in advance of complicated surgeries.

The Radiology Department has begun using the newly-acquired printer to investigate ways of improving surgical planning. The Makerbot 3D printer was the first technology grant awarded by the college’s Information and Instructional Technology Committee.

Radiology resident Dr. Adrien-Maxence Hespel applied for the grant, along with Dr. Judith Hudson and Dr. Ronald Montgomery, and it has already been put to good use. In the first week of use, the 3D printer was successfully used to provide a solution for a complicated surgical procedure before the surgery was performed. Recently, it was used to create before and after models in a complicated eye fracture surgery of a horse. Read More...