2016 ACVR Scientific Meeting Awards - Orlando, FL.


Resident-Author Award

  • Dr. Peter Noel, Animal Medical Center, NY, NY - "Comparison of Off-site Smartphone JPEG-format versus DICOM-format Standard Workstation in the Radiographic Diagnosis of Small Intestinal Mechanical Obstruction in Dogs and Cats"

Outstanding Oral & Poster Presentations

  • Dr. Jennifer Fowler, Oregon State University (Oral Presentation) - "Comparison Of Thoracic Radiography, Ultrasonography, Computed Tomography, And Histology For The Evaluation Of Pneumonia In Dairy Calves".
  • Dr. Jaime Rechy, Jr, North Carolona State University (Oral Presentation) - "The Effect Of Dexmedetomidine On Portal Blood Flow Velocity Measured With Spectral Doppler Ultrasound In Dogs".
  • Dr. Leanne Magestro, North Carolina State University (Oral Presentation) - "Early Experiences With A Three-Fraction Stereotactic Radiation Therapy (SRT) Protocol In Four Dogs With Presumed Chemodectomas".
  • Dr. Lauren Smith, University of Wisconsin (Poster) - "A Description And Validation Of Slow Computed Tomography To Assess Respiration-Induced Target Motion For Radiation Planning And Treatment."
  • Dr. Keiko Murakami, Purdue University (Poster) - "Localization of the Tonsils on Computed Tomography (CT) Imaging in Dogs".