2014 ACVR Resident Research Grant Awards


Dr. Chris Ober, Chair Resident Research Grant Award Committee

Congratulations! The following Residents were awarded ACVR grants for their proposed research:

Dr. Jennifer Fowler - Oregon State University: Comparison of lung ultrasound, radiography, and computed tomography to histopathology in juvenile cattle with naturally acquired respiratory disease. ACVR Co-Investigators: Drs. Stieger & Nemanic. Grant supported by ACVR Veterinary Ultrasound Society.

Dr. Lynn Griffin - Colorado State University: Glycolytic phenotyping of canine mast cell tumors. ACVR Co-Investigator: Dr. Randall. Grant supported by ACVR Society of Veterinary Nuclear Medicine.

Dr. Chase Constant - University of Tennessee: Description of gadoxetate disodioum (Eovist) enhanced magnetic resonance imaging characteristics of hepatic nodules/masses with correlation to histopathological findings in dogs. ACVR Co-Investigator: Dr. Hecht. Grant supported by ACVR.

Dr. Jessica Stahle - VA/MD College of Veterinary Medicine: Diffusion weighted MR imaging in the differentiation between metastatic and benign regional lymph nodes in canine oral melanoma patients. ACVR Co-Investigator: Dr. Larson. Grant supported by ACVR.