2012 ACVR Resident Research Grant Awards


Congratulations! On behalf of ACVR President Dr. Kari Anderson, the Resident Research Grant Award Committee and all ACVR Diplomates, the following Residents were awarded ACVR grants for their proposed research:

  • Dr. Ruth Van Hatten: Comparison of electroretinography and brainstem auditory response to three-dimensional time-of-flight magnetic resonance angiography for detecting reduced blood flow in the maxillary arteries of cats with the mouth open. Cornell University - ACVR Co-investigator Dr. Scrivani.
  • Dr. Jason Doukas: Precision-targeting of canine liver nodules to determine CT enhancement patterns of benign and malignant lesions using real-time virtual sonography. North Carolina State University - ACVR Co-investigator Dr. Seiler. Funded by ACVR Veterinary Ultrasound Society.
  • Dr. Phillip Strom: Magnetic resonance imaging diffusion tensor imaging of the internal capsule in normal and geriatric onset laryngeal paralysis affected Labrador Retrievers. Michigan State University - ACVR Co-investigator Dr. Pease.